Severe Vision Errors and Corrective Eye Surgery for Older People

If you are 40 or older or have severe vision problems, you may want to discuss these options with your eye surgeon: (Please read our previous article about LASIK vs PKR Surgery options) Monovision. With this approach, LASIK may be used to correct one eye for distance vision and the other eye for near [...]

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Is Corrective Eye Surgery Procedure Right for You?

Because our eyes change as we age, the type of laser eye surgery or other vision correction we need also may change. Certain approaches to LASIK or other procedures that work well for younger adults, for example, may be inappropriate for older individuals. (Read our previous article on the difference between LASK & PRK [...]

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Corrective eye surgery | Here’s an introduction

Until contact lenses were popularized in the 1950s, eyeglasses for at least the past seven centuries had been the only practical way to correct refractive vision errors. Nowadays, several modern approaches to corrective eye surgery range from laser reshaping of the eye's surface in procedures such as LASIK and PRK to surgical insertion of [...]

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New to Contact Lenses? | Here are some basic Q&A’s

How long does it take to get used to them? It depends on the type of contact lenses you choose. Most people get used to soft (hydrogel or silicone hydrogel) contact lenses immediately or in just a few days. If you choose rigid gas permeable (RGP or GP) lenses or hybrid contact lenses, it [...]

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