Colorimetry  |  Best option for professionals who work longs hours on spreadsheets

Computers & Visual Stress

The Colorimetry test is best suited for people who work for long hours on computers using spreadsheets and MS Word. White as the default background colour is not always the best for our eyes. Colorimetry is an individualised test to assess which colour is the best suited for your eyes. The test results are provided so that you may adjust your computer’s colour settings to best suit your individual need.

Computers project strong light directly into your eyes and you can suffer from ‘pattern glare’ or ‘visual stress’. Your eyes may tire quickly and you could experience one or more of the following symptoms.

What are the symptoms of visual stress?

  • All or some of the following may be present:
  • Perception of movement of text
  • Blurring of print
  • Letters changing shape or size
  • Patterns in the print (sometimes described as rivers or worms)
  • Halos of colour surrounding letters or words
  • Tiring easily whilst reading
  • Headaches or visual discomfort
  • Red, sore, watery eyes

What are the signs of visual stress?

  • Moving closer to, or further away from the computer
  • Moving the computer around the desk
  • Fidgeting continuously / Frustration
  • Using finger as a marker on the screen
  • Skipping words or lines
  • Frequently re-reading the same line
  • Rubbing eyes or blinking frequently when reading
  • Poor comprehension of reading content

Your Eyes and a Colorimetry Examination

We run a series of tests to find out exactly which colour best suits your eyes for getting the least stress possible while working on your computer. Once completed we give you a ‘personalised’ colour reading that you enter on your computer’s colour settings.