Kobrin & Martin Optometrists, Merchant Place,  Sandton

“At Kobrin & Martin in Sandton, we specialise in giving professionals the best possible eye care. We understand the pressure on business professionals and offer a full range of specific eye care services to make their lives a little easier. To us an eye test is not just an eye test. It’s a professional full service offering that combines proper visual assessment with our high quality brand spectacles and contact lenses. It is eyewear you want to wear. Our Optometrists and support staff are trained with this in mind all the time. We use the best quality equipment and materials available to suit your individual need. Our frame selection is exclusive and exciting!”

Edna Martin  |  Dip. Optom (SA) FOASA MCOptom (UK) CAS (USA)

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The leading cuase of Blindness after 60

The leading cuase of Blindness after 60 After age 60, macular degeneration is a leading cause of blindness. Macular degeneration occurs when eye tissue degenerates, causing blurriness or loss of vision in the central [...]

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What you eat matters to your Eyes.

Eating well is the No. 1 way to take care of your eyes. What should your eye-healthy plate look like? Pretty much like any good, healthy meal. Start with a big spinach or kale [...]

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You may find your computer screen too bright or too dim for comfort, or maybe you have to work to read a tiny font. Just play with your settings—with a little experimentation, you may [...]

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