It is easy to care for frequent/planned replacement contact lenses that you use for more than a day. Just be sure to follow the routine your eye care professional recommends. Make sure you purchase a reputable Contact Lens Solution that conditions, cleans, removes protein, disinfects, rinses and stores soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

These steps are recommended when using contanct lens solutions for a healthy and comfortable contact lens wearing experience:

  • STEP 1: Place at least 3 drops of contact lens multi-purpose solution on each side of lens surface and gently rub for 20 seconds. Only use fresh contact solution to clean and disinfect contact lenses.
  • STEP 2: Thoroughly rinse each side of the lens for 5 seconds with contact lens multi-purpose solution.
  • STEP 3: Place cleaned contact lenses in the lens case and fill with fresh contact lens multi-purpose solution. Soak at least 4 hours. Remember to always use fresh solution – discard solution from lens case after each use.
  • Your contact lenses are now ready to wear. If any debris remains on contact lenses, rinse with contact lens multi-purpose solution prior to insertion.

More on this in next week’s post

Very important: Always make sure you discuss and make decisions about your eye care based upon a formal appointment with your optician or doctor.

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